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About Nemesis


Fine Sterling Silver and gemstone jewelry.

My original designs based on antique pieces from my collection acquired during my travels. I am an expert on gemstones, quality and genres.
Sometimes my listings are the original vintage pieces from my collection and are specified as such. I love jewelry and make sure all of my product is in perfect condition before I list it. I hope you have a look at all of my lovely product!
I stand behind item  I offer.    

My work primarily offers jewelry produced in Sterling Silver. Sterling silver is 92.5 % Silver and can be blended with a variety of metals including Nickle of Zinc. Nickle and Zinc can both be irritants and my items never contain them. I opt to use Copper in my allow.

Sterling Silver is lovely, but has a tendency to tarnish. I use a Rhodium finish on most of my silver containing stones, because all of the detail is difficult to polish. Rhodium also adds a look of White Gold to the piece.

For a deep antique look in certain pieces, I use a Black Rhodium plating. This finish is deep and sets off the color nicely in bright stones.

I work with some unusual, hard to find stones:
Iolite, Tanzanite, Saphire, Sodolite, Lapis Lazouli, Turquoise, Aqua Marine, Blue Topaz Zircon - Blue
Opal, Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone - Mixed Rainbow Colors.
Emerald, Tsavorite(Green Garnet), Green Amethyst, Malachite Green Onyx, Tourmaline Peridot - Green
Onyx, Saphire, Toumaline, Obsidian -Black
Garnet, Ruby, Toumaline, Rose Quartz,Rhodocrosite -Pink, Red Burgandy
Moonstone, Quartz, Cat's Eye, Pearl- Clear, White
Tiger's Eye, Sun Stone, Sand Stone, Citrine, Smokey Topaz -Gold, Orange, Brown and Yellow
Amethyst, Alexandrite -Purple

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